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Projects excluded?

Hydropower projects, except micro-scale projects involving installation and operation of a run-of-the-river system. Scale of Hydropower projects is categorised based on the project scale as defined by the Registry.

Those required to be undertaken in order to satisfy existing legal mandate(s).

Renewable Energy projects that have previously claimed and/or are currently claiming benefits from a national/regional/global level Renewable Energy Certification (REC) or similar scheme.

(iv) All industrial facilities, units, establishments (termed collectively as Designated Consumers), operating within the geographical boundary of India, that have adopted measures for ensuring energy efficiency under the Perform, Achieve and Trade (PAT) scheme regulated by the Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE).

(v) Transboundary project means when the project is being implemented across borders of two or more countries. For example, CR-I shall exclude project where renewable energy source is set up in Nepal and energy generated is being used in India.

 (vi) Projects which include generation of electrical or thermal/mechanical energy using fossil fuels and/or improvement in their efficiency and/or emissions reduction using technological interventions and/or fuel switching from higher carbon emission fossil fuel to lower carbon emission fossil fuel. Projects including interventions such as improved efficiency cookstoves or any other improved efficiency measure from the end user(s) are not included in this criterion.

(vii) Projects pertaining to destruction of hydrofluorocarbon-23 (HFC -23) and/or its emissions reduction.

(viii) Grid connected renewable energy projects in countries/states/provinces/districts/cities/villages or any other defined area as per the political definition where grid connected renewables already contribute to more than 51% in the total energy mix.

(ix) Projects for whom it is evident that they have increased their GHG emissions without corresponding enhancement in the final output of products, services and with the sole objective of reducing the same to the original level or lower, through implementation of a project with the Registry