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Network for Certification and Conservation of Forests (NCCF)

Jan, 2015

Inception of NCCF

Forest Management Certification Standard

Sep, 2017
Aug, 2019

Trees Outside Forest Certification Standard

Carbon Standard

Dec, 2020
16th Sep,

Carbon Registry – India

Network for Certification and Conservation of Forests (NCCF), came into existence in January 2015 as a registered society, comprising experts, professionals, and stakeholders of natural resources, engaged in the development of India specific and globally benchmarked sustainability standards, as its core working area, apart from working for policy advocacy, training and capacity building through multi-stakeholder engagement.

NCCF is a Member of the PEFC Alliance from India, a member of IUCN, and has got Observer Status with the UNCCD as a Civil Society Organization.

NCCF has developed the first-ever Indian scheme of forest certification that is endorsed by a leading international certification organization, the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC), giving it global recognition. This scheme is being used by many states for certification of forests

NCCF’s Trees outside Forest Certification Scheme is the first of its kind and is presently under the process of PEFC endorsement. This scheme will bring much-needed recognition to the wood and timber produced by the farmers on their lands and ensure better markets and higher income for their agroforestry produce. NCCF is also managing PEFC Chain of Custody certification in India. It is our endeavor to make the Indian wood and forest fiber-based industry competent and acceptable globally.

NCCF is also developing standards for Non-Wood Forest Products, Ecotourism, Quality Planting Material, Safeboards (safe emission levels of formaldehyde from composite wood), Protected Areas & Wetlands, Biomass & Biofuels and Land Degradation Neutrality. Also, setting up a Carbon Registry-India, which is a major endeavor to provide a carbon trading and tracking platform for verified net Green House Gases emissions reductions and removals enhancement with Sustainable Development Contributions.

NCCF’s Sustainability Standards have a great potential to contribute towards achieving SDG goals, sustainable forest management, our international commitments for climate action, biodiversity conservation, and land restoration, apart from meeting the requirements of certified material for the wood-based industries.

NCCF’s efforts are fully in sync with the objectives of the Indian National Strategy for Standardization (INSS), propounded by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Government of India on how to best use standardization, technical regulations, quality infrastructure, and related activities to advance the interests and well-being of the Indians in a global economy.