Empanel as VVB

Validation and Verification Bodies play a major role with registration of project and issuance of carbon credits (MCUs). An organisation may empanel with CR-I as a VVB if any of the following criteria is fulfilled (subject to approval by NCCF):

(i)  Accredited as a DOE of Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) by UNFCCC or listed as active VVB by VCS

(ii)   Accredited as per ISO 14065 by appropriate National Accreditation body along with sectoral expertise for which empanelment is sought.

VVB shall be eligible to assess New methodologies for approval with CR-I if a certain number of project evaluations are completed successfully. The criteria is as follows:

(i)  Non – AFOLU: VVB has successfully completed 15 Project validations and/or Methodology evaluations under GHG programmes recognised by the registry

(ii)  AFOLU: VVB has successfully completed 10 project validations and/or methodology evaluations under GHG programmes recognised by the registry.

Complete process of emplacement shall be updated in coming time. VVBs are requested to express their interest through email at carbon.registry@nccf.in or chetan.aggarwal@nccf.in

  1. CR-I VVB Empanellment Application form
  2. CR-I VVB Empanellment Procedure
  3. NCCF CR-I VVB Legal Contract